Personal Branding Photography: What's the Hype?

You may have overheard the phrase “personal branding photography” in conversations between marketers, influencers, or publicists recently. Or perhaps you’ve seen photos on company websites or Instagram and pondered, “how do they have so many great, editorial-worthy shots on their social media pages? You can tell they were NOT taken on an iPhone.” Say hello to the most recent photography trend: Personal Branding Photography.

What is Personal Branding Photography?

Put simply: Personal Branding photos are creative portraiture, lifestyle images, and in-action pictures of you looking remarkable. A Personal Branding Photoshoot is for any professionals that use photography to establish and build their brand. It’s a given that using images to reinforce your online presence is a significant factor in the growth of your business; don’t just tell potential clients what you do and who you are, show them. Personal Branding imagery portrays you in your element. If you are a personal stylist, consider photos of you dressed in the latest fashions and looking fabulous, action shots of shopping for a client, or photos of you consulting with your clients on their style.

An exceptional Personal Branding Photo tells the story of your expertise and will sell potential clientele, more than a thousand words could, on why they need you.

Why is Personal Branding Photography such a huge deal right now?

There is so much content both online and in print nowadays, our brains efficiently block out anything that looks repetitive or takes too much time. So savvy marketers are looking for imagery that captures attention quickly, while fully reflecting and summarizing our message. It’s more fun and becoming more popular to do so with custom professional photos. Also, everyone is becoming much less humble in how they portray themselves in photos. With so many vying for space and attention, you must flaunt who you are and exhibit pride in what you do for others to share in that same excitement. If you see two separate listings in Google when looking for personal trainers, one is a basic headshot; the other is a high-quality image of Buffy McBuffmuffin flexing her quads while spotting Solid McSturdypants squatting 300lbs, which listing will you click?

How can creative directors employ Personal Branding Photography in their company?

Personal Branding Photography started building popularity among small business owners and entrepreneurs for good reason. They are typically the face of the business and must sell themselves as their product. Financial advisers, realtors, lifestyle bloggers, consultants, artists, life coaches, writers, event planners, interior designers, and so on.

Often, larger businesses also must showcase its people to the world. Your leadership and your staff are the foundation of your organization and the true value you bring to your clients. When the CFO performs speaking engagements representing your company How often is she scrambling for a photo or two to send the organizers the day prior to the event? How often have you needed, or could have used action shots of your CEO for marketing materials, internal newsletters, or something more appealing to give a journalist when they ask for photos to go along with a story about your company?

Or even worse, how often has your CEO hated the cover photo for a story taken by the journalism intern sent by the publication? Personal Branding Photography is an essential investment in the marketing materials you use every single day. Having a stash of great images of all the important people in your business on hand for your website, publications, internal communications, social media, and reports will not only save you from a lot of headaches when you’re on a deadline but will also give you greater creative control of your organization’s brand.

Where do I go for a Personal Branding Photographer?

Personal Brand Photos are a growing trend within the photography industry and marketing. Be sure to find a professional photographer with knowledge and experience in marketing and branding photography, specifically portraiture. Ensure their portfolio shows not only their subjects looking their absolute best (hair looks good, flattering poses, smiles are natural) but that they also display an understanding of how to capture images that tell a story.

Consult with your photographer to design a shoot that meets your specific needs. Communicate what types of images you need and collaborate with them about the best way to create those photos. A great Personal Branding Photographer can take a list of your must-have photos and what you need the photos for along with a description of your company then design a shoot that will capture what you need.

If you are near the Indianapolis area, you can contact me for a free Personal Branding Photography consultation. Check out my portfolio here.

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